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Our Story
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Our Story

Established in 2000, WCS (M) Food Industries Sdn. Bhd. was founded by Mr. Ng Kok Yong and Madam Pang Mei Ling through their passion in the traditional bakery.

Started from humble beginnings as a local bakery with only 12 employees, WCS Food Industries have since expanded into the manufacturing sector within a duration of 15 years and we now have over 150 employees to date. All this is achieved through improvements in product quality, continuous research and development (R&D) and better management which allow us to expand our business nationwide. Back in the days where resources are limited, WCS Food Industries was only able to produce 10 ctn of pastries a day, but with our current factory we are able to mass produce 250 - 400 ctn of pastries a day.

WCS Food Industries are also involved in OEM Manufacturing, supplying to other famous bakery industries. Our company believes in providing the best quality in order to maintain a long-term relationship and trustworthiness with our clients. Our specialty lies in producing traditional seasonal biscuits and pastries for celebrations such as Chinese New Year, Hari Raya and Deepavali.

It is our vision to be the leader in this industry. We are confident that with our latest technology and equipment we will be able to increase production and together with our team of dedicated staff we will be able to take the next step into the global market.

Our Vision

To be the world class of cookies, and to bring more moments of joy for biscuits lovers across the world!

Our Mission

Our mission is to create cookies of exceptional quality and happiness to the world.

Made to sharing, made for joy.